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Tips for first-time Houston home buyers

So you’re driving around and you see a broker sign in front of a house that you absolutely have to see. You call the number on the sign and the first question the seller’s agent asks is, “Are you preapproved?”

There are a number of reasons why sellers would want to know if a buyer is pre-approved for financing to purchase a home, but the first and foremost is time.

If you’re not preapproved in a seller’s market like Houston in 2021, your ‘dream home’ will likely be under contract by the time you view the home, talk to lenders and get approved for a loan. In addition to saving time and frustration, preapproval will also let you know how much home you’ll be able to afford.

I strongly suggest that you speak with at least three lenders to get best rate and type of loan that best fits your needs. Here’s what you’ll need before you make that first call:

  • Proof of Employment. This could be an offer letter from your employer that includes your compensation
  • 3 months bank statements 
  • 3 years of W-2s
  • At least 3 of your most recent pay stubs

I also suggest you keep these items in a folder because you may need them later in the loan application process.

Once you get your letter of approval, your next step is to find your realtor – and I just so happen to know a really good one!



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